Hi there, nice to see you showing interest to volunteer!

Welenhoeck is located at an old farm and has the aim to buy it's land free. Which means when that goal is achieved, the land will belong to everyone, or to no one, (it depends how you look at it).

Welenhoeck is a young and experimental place that is still finding it's way. We cocreate and grow together. Currently 8 people, a dog, a cat, geese, goats, sheep and some chickens are living here.

You can expect to support us with following activities: gardening, improving rooms, cosifying, painting, preparing for events, household tasks like cooking & cleaning, helping out with our running projects, building, craft and much more...

At times some of us do yoga, meditation, qi-gong, massage, movienights, dance, have a walk , ... You are welcome to join us in these activities.

We offer you a bed (bring your sleeping bag), a roof, food, fun, and the opportunity to share skills. We expect you to help us about 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

We are a drug and smoke free community and alcohol we only occasionally consume. We ask for your support in this.

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